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Elkhorn Ridge – Building relationships with landowners

Buffalo Bear – Layers of rock and elevation changes

Jeffers – 20 foundations in 22 days

Odin – Moving tons of equipment over soft soils

Spanish Fork – Protecting the environment

Skyway Industrial Park – New development in Pipestone

Rock Valley – 6 blocks of concrete overlay in 2 1/2 weeks

Ihlen Sanitary Sewer – Installing pipe on a rock shelf

BDM Rural Water – 200 miles of pipe; minimal disruptions

Spanish Fork Wind Farm

Spanish Fork, Utah

Wind doesn’t always blow over the smoothest terrains. Such was the case at Spanish Fork in central Utah. Located at the base of a mountain with a river running through it, the Spanish Fork site presented a variety of challenges. Steep inclines and elevation changes increased the complexity of hauling in raw materials, delivering large turbine parts, and moving the crane from site to site. Meanwhile, because of the river, we worked closely with the Fish and Wildlife Service to secure the necessary permits and fulfill the various run-off prevention requirements to meet strict environmental standards.

The windy conditions that made the site so ideal for capturing wind energy also required special adaptations for our schedule. To avoid the valley winds at their strongest, we worked late hours, hauling in necessary lighting to create a safe environment.

Thorstad’s role on this project was an EPC contractor. Thorstad designed and constructed the roads, foundations, and substation, erected the wind turbines and installed the collection system for this project.

Project was completed in April 2008.